Rich and Diverse Selections of Imported Products

At Carrefour Market, you will find products imported from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. You can experience the unique flavors of such products without the need to visit their countries of origin.

Freshly Roasted Food

Are you looking for something to eat? At Carrefour Market, you can find freshly oven-roasted foods including chicken legs, broiler chicken, salt pork, sweet potatoes, etc. Roasted at a high temperature with juices sealed in the meat, the foods are ready to serve as a delicious meal for you! (The roasted foods available at each Carrefour Market store are those displayed every day)

Fresh and High-quality Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are transported directly from the farms. Organic and certified vegetables are also offered to make sure you can eat safely and naturally.

Freshly Baked Bread

We insist on the high quality of our products! At Carrefour Market, freshly baked bread and cake are available daily. They will make you and your family feel refreshed!

Have a Good Time with Your Family

We hope you and your family can have a good time together at Carrefour Market. If your kids feel tired, the supermarket offers free fruits for them. They can also draw pictures at the kids’ painting space. On weekends, the supermarket holds special events that are open to adults and kids. Everyone is welcome to participate in the events. When feeling tired, you can take a break at the rest corner and relax yourself!

Heartwarming Services

Carrefour Market provides various free services that makes shopping easier for you!
The services provided at Carrefour Market include photocopying/fax, home delivery, ERA Ticket, calling taxis, payment for Carrefour Joint Card, and redemption of the uniform invoice prize of NT$200.
There is a rest corner where you can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or ice cream!
The supermarket also helps customers pack fruit gift boxes and cut pineapples

Free Wifi
Bill payment
Photo Printing
Ice cream