Terms and Conditions

Notice on the Bonus Points of Carrefour Members
  1. The member cards of the company (Carrefour Co., Ltd.; henceforth referred to as the same company) include Carrefour Member Card (including “Digital Carrefour Card” that is applied for online which as the same function and discount as paper Carrefour Member Cards), E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card (including E-Sun Carrefour Easy Co-brand Card, E-Sun Carrefour icash Co-brand Card, E-Sun Carrefour VIP Co-brand Card; henceforth referred to as the same card), E-Sun Carrefour Easy Debit Card. After newly applied members have completed the application procedure, they can accumulate Carrefour bonus points immediately. However, the function of exchanging fare with bonus points cannot be used until the complete information of the cardholder is uploaded onto the system, which will take about 2 working days.
  2. Carrefour bonus points are referred to as points accumulated when those who possess the member cards of the company purchases at shops of the company (henceforth referred to as “points”). In common circumstances, 1 point can be accumulated for NT$1 of payment. If one person has applied multiple membership cards of the company, they will enjoy the convenience of shared accumulation and exchanging.
  3. The point accumulation and feedback of primary and additional E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card cardholders is applied with an account. Points of the primary and additional cardholder will be accumulated in the account of the primary cardholder, while both primary and additional cardholders have the right to exchange and use the points in the account. However, those who only possess the additional card of E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card and E-Sun Carrefour Easy Debit Card cannot enjoy shared accumulation.
  4. Points cannot be exchanged for cash directly and cannot be transferred to other cardholders.
  5. The points for each of the member’s new payment will be calculated in rounded numbers and those below the decimal point will not be counted. The accurate points will be updated in the system 24 hours after the payment. If the system or data is undergoing updating, members can only use the points that are actually shown.
  6. For those who did not carry their membership cards with them, please provide the ID card number, mobile phone number or local phone number of the applicant to look up the membership card number and enjoy membership discounts and accumulate points. However, one cannot enjoy the function of discount exchange under such circumstances. If the system fails to find one’s card number and the buyer demands successive entry after their payment (only on the same day), successively entered points will be limited to the actual amount of payment and will not include any extra campaign bonus points.
  7. When exchanging member card points with payment fare, points available will be the remaining points 1 day before the payment. Cardholders must present their card and demand a fare exchange from the counter staff. There is no maximum limit to the amount of money that can be exchanged. Methods for exchanging bonus points are carried out on the basis of the internal SOP of the company.
  8. If you have any questions on membership card accumulated points, please call the customer service center (0809-001365) of the company for further inquiries within 1 month after the payment. No request for inquiry is acceptance after the time frame.
  9. If the Carrefour Membership Card has not been used at Carrefour shops (including all branch shops or online shopping of the company) for 1 year after its last usage, the points will be automatically re-set to 0 and will be re-calculated (except for the E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card and E-Sun Carrefour Easy Debit Card cardholders).
  10. Payments at Carrefour shopping street and gourmet street are only applicable with the out-of-the-shop point accumulation mechanism of the E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card and E-Sun Carrefour Easy Debit Card. Carrefour points cannot be accumulated under the following circumstances: payments using no interest installment at Carrefour shops (except E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card), purchasing tobaccos and alcohol (besides wines), medicine, formula for infants under 1y, using Enjoyment Coupon, charging Gift Cards, usage fare of airport lounge rooms, a partial of the heated food corner, temporary lockers, purchasing Carrefour Volume Item Vouchers, uncommon card payments (such as all sorts of cash advance, balance compensation, tax fare inquiry, paying tuition (including but not limited to E-government platform and i-Payment platform), funds withholding, single payments of various E-Sun Bank branches and channels, flexible payment of Nanshan Life interest sensitive annuity insurance, revolving interests, default fine, annual fare of credit cards, all sorts of administrative fare and payment transfer fare, paying all sorts of supervision fares, card transactions at convenience stores and chain fast food restaurants, e-Tag automatic charging, payment platforms (including all kinds of medical payments, government administrative fares, automatic charging of various electronic cards and other non-consumption payments such as E-health Pay APP, electronic bills and tax processing platforms, e-Government service platform, pay.taipei and other platforms. Please refer to the website of E-Sun Bank for further details), E-Sun Carrefour Co-brand Card, E-Sun Carrefour Easy Debit Card, other collaborations with specific collaborators or other project campaigns (such as gasoline fare reduction, insurance installment and others).
  11. Accumulated points of the membership cards are only provided for the payment and usage of common households and consumers and does not apply to enterprises or massive purchases. Therefore, if the company discovered that points were accumulated through massive purchases, they will be deducted and further notice will not be given.
  12. Extra bonus points given out at campaigns (such as bonus coupon bonus points, bonus points due to buying particular items and others) will not be shown on the trade details immediately, but will be transferred to the cardholder’s account after the system has been updated in 24 hours. Cardholders can look up their points through the membership center of the company’s website ( www.carrefour.com.tw/service ) or with our APP.
  13. If campaigns such as cash exchange discount coupons or bonus point discount coupons and others were ineffective in that payment, the company will take care of it following the point compensation procedure (cash will also be calculated as points and transferred into the cardholder’s account).
  14. Point accumulation is calculated according to actual payment. Further calculation will not be added for payments using cash exchange coupons or those that have exchanged cash with points.
  15. In order to comply with Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act , Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, and the relevant laws, it is not allowed to use points saved in your membership card to redeem cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, milk powder and formula foods for infants under one year of age. Also, No points saved in your membership card can be redeemed for specific products designated by Carrefour Taiwan or stored value products equivalent to cash (such as gift cards, gift voucher, etc.).
  16. 上When the aforementioned notices on card application and bonus points were revised or amended, the cardholder agrees to refer to the latest announcement made on the official website of Carrefour www.carrefour.com.tw/service and E-Sun Bank www.esunbank.com.twThe aforementioned announcements will be made periodically. Cardholders should often refer to these websites to ensure their own rights and privileges.
  17. The company holds all rights to on revising or ceasing all services and discounts of the membership card.
Instructions for Carrefour Membership Cards
  1. The Carrefour Member Card means that the membership cards issued by Carrefour Co., Ltd., including “Digital Carrefour Member Card” applied for online, which has similar functions and discounts with the paper Carrefour Member Cards (both are referred to as “Carrefour Member Card”). Applicants must be above the age of 16. Besides applying online according to the related rules on the company’s website, the applicant has to have their personal identification papers and apply for it at the counter. Applications through fax, mail or agent is not accepted. Applicant has to provide complete personal information, ensuring that they can enjoy the related rights and privileges of the cardholder.
  2. Personal information collected by Carrefour Group (including Carrefour Co., Ltd., CIBC, Carrefour Telecom and others) will be provided to the group’s appointed collaborators (including but not limited to Cigna, Fu Sheng life Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., E-Sun Bank and others. The following adhere to the same rules. Please refer to the announcements on www.carrefour.com.tw/serviceThe aforementioned announcements will be updated irregularly. Applicants should often refer to the aforementioned websites to ensure their awareness of their rights and privileges). As the business of the company continues within Taiwan, besides providing retail and selling services, it will provide marketing, business promotion, customer management, information and database management, legal transaction on personal information, statistical survey and analysis, life and property insurance, insurance agent and other businesses stated in the business contracts, business registrations and organizational rules to further serve the members in Taiwan. It will also mail (including e-mail), send text messages or call applicants to provide them with various campaign and product information services. After being notified, applicants have to agree to the following: (1) Carrefour Group and its collaborators can collect, process or use various personal information stated on the application form (including name, telephone number, e-mail address, identification genre, personal features, household situation, life traits, social status, education, employment and other personal and payment information). (2) The affiliates of the Carrefour Group can provide each other with the personal information they possess, respectively. (3) Carrefour Group may provide its contracted partners with the information it possesses. (4) The contracted partners of the Carrefour Group may provide the personal information of their applicants that they collect and possess for the Carrefour Group to process or use. The abovementioned personal information shall be collected, processed or used by Carrefour and the abovementioned contracted partners within the purpose mentioned above in terms of the region, subject and method. Where any personal information is incorrect or incomplete, you may not acquire the full rights or receive the special offer messages sent by the Carrefour Group and its contracted partners. Unless there are special legal regulations or the necessity of carrying out businesses, or else after applicants have agreed to the aforementioned notices, they can leave messages on the company’s website (www.carrefour.com.tw) or call our customer service center (0809-001365) to carry out the following issues: (1)disagree the aforementioned information collection, processing and usage; (2)apply for inquiry or reading; (3)apply for copies (reasonable fees will be charged); (4)add or amend information; (5)delete the aforementioned personal information. Please refer to the following website ( https://www.carrefour.com.tw/service/privacypolicy ) to look up related privacy policies.
  3. Member cards are only for accumulating bonus points and do not track one’s payments. Therefore, we do not respond to trade detail inquiries.
  4. If the contact telephone number or address of a Carrefour Member Card cardholder needs to be changes, please contact the customer service center of the company as soon as possible for updates in order to ensure cardholders on their related rights and privileges. If you do not carry your card or have incorrect or incomplete member information, Carrefour Member Cards can only be used for accumulating points and cannot be used to exchange payment fare. Newly accumulated points can only be used for exchanging on the next day (24 hours later) after your data has been updated. Where the cardholder does not update the information or provides incomplete or incorrect information and, thus, cannot exercise his/her right of bonus point within the time frame specified by the Company, the cardholder shall bear all the losses and the Company shall not be involved therein.
  5. Carrefour Member Card cardholders should properly keep their Carrefour Member Card or Digital Carrefour Member Card account and password. If any of the card you possess gets lost or if your account was embezzled, please immediately call the company’s customer service center for a loss report. The loss report operations will take 2 days. Any produced responsibility before the loss report operations is completed will be charged to the cardholder.
  6. The same cardholder who applies for 2 or more Carrefour Member Cards with the same card number or those who have applied for re-issue, each card will cost an administrative fee of NT$10. The point exchange function of re-issued cards can only be used by the next day (24 hours) after the system has been updated.
  7. The accumulated points and related favorable conditions will become invalid simultaneously when the cardholder applies for suspending the use of his/her membership. No application for retracing the points of re-issue of the card is acceptable.
  8. When members receive an electronic invoice prize winning notification, prizes can only be exchanged when the original applicant carries their ID card and the member card used for that payment. Those who are not the original applicant cannot claim prizes.
  9. Carrefour Member Cards can only be applied for by common individuals and cannot be applied for by enterprises.
  10. Items bought with member cards are applicable to the unconditional refunding and other polices of the company. For detailed refunding procedures and precautions, please refer to the refunding rules on the official website:https://www.carrefour.com.tw/service/faq
  11. The company maintains the right to issue and cease to issue Carrefour Member Cards.