Member Benefits


A Card Helping Me Make Money

Earn 1 point with 1 dollar for your unlimited bonus

Apply the Carrefour Member Card free of charge! Apply immediate to earn reward points right away! Show your card when you buy next day to claim your points against the purchase amount. Save when you buy!
Apply free of charge to get your card immediately;Earn points right away for cash

Special Offers for Carrefour Member Card

Apply free of charge

All the consumers over 16 can apply for a card.

Earn20 timesthe points on birthday

20 times the points (including the original germination) to the maximum of 1,000,000 points are granted as a gift for your birthday based on the highest paid-up amount on the same day.
**Points are entered into your account automatically after 48 hours.

1dollar for 1point

Every dollar you expend can be accumulated for reward points.

100%cash bonus

300 points are redeemed for 1 dollar without upper limit in discount.

Reward points valid for life

Purchase with your card once a year and the reward points are valid for life.

More points from special offers

Purchase specified goods and earn more points.

Electronic invoice and lottery winning notice

We will notify you when you win the lottery with your invoice.

Amazing favorable goods for members

Many goods at ultra-low prices for your benefits.

Enquire Your Points

Are you a member? Have a card now to enquire your points easily!

How to Join?

Special price for members and earn more points;Points for cash to save more when you buy