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E.Sun Bank and Carrefour Joint Easy Card
The Brand-New Appearance without Change of the Premium

‧Special offers every day for your benefit
‧Purchase every year without annual fee
‧Easy Card/icash shopping without the need for signature


1 dollar for 2 points

About 0.66% discount

1 dollar for 1points

About 0.33% discount


Special Offers for Joint Card

Consume for “Carrefour Reward Points” with Unlimited Bonus

Shopping in the store with your joint card: 1 dollar is 2 Carrefour reward points. External shopping:1 dollar for 1 Carrefour reward points to earn points easily!
Use CarrfourPay to bind the E.Sun Carrefour co-branded card to pay, and spend at the Carrefour store. 1 dollar is now exchanged for 3 points of Carrefour bonus points, and triple benefits for you!

Points for cash to save more when you buy

Accumulated points can be used for discount from the next day. You can have 1 dollar discount against 300 points for the selected goods listed in the catalog or sold in the store. Extra points or special prices for members are also provided.

0% installment interest only for members

Payment for shopping in any Carrefour store to a specified amount can be made in 3 to 12 installments with 0% interest; 24 or 30 installments with 0% interest are offered for specified goods.

eTag auto deposit to drive through the national highway without obstruction

A deposit of NT$ 400 (or its multiples) is entered into the eTag account automatically through a link when the balance is less than NT$ 120. No service charges! No vexation! Drive through the national highway without obstruction!

Easy Card shopping without the need for signature

More than 10,000 contracted stores accept Easy Card for small payment. No small money is needed and payment is made easily and quickly by inducting the card without the need of swiping or signing.

E.Sun Bank and Carrefour Joint Debit Card


1. Consumption: Use of the card in Taiwan and overseas to manage your account more effectively
2. Withdrawal, deposit and transfer: Easy withdrawal and transfer.

Earn “30,000 Carrefour bonus points” with the card for the first single consumption to the specified amount
Apply for E.Sun and Carrefour Joint Debit Card with your email address for the first time to earn “30,000 Carrefour bonus points” when you use your card for a single consumption up to NT$ 599 (incl.) within 45 days after the card is approved.

Special Offers for E.Sun and Carrefour Joint Easy/Debit Card Holders


  • iCash 辦卡
  • 悠遊卡辦卡
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