We care more than you do

Since 1997, Carrefour has kept strict control of the production quality at the upstream manufacturers. We collaborate directly with well-known manufacturers including Unilever, Bee Cheng Hiang and Sea Mild. Sampling inspection is carried out more than 1000 times to provide quality assurance.

Sampling inspection is carried out more than 1,600 times to provide quality assurance.



與知名製造商合作,開發 獨特口味優質商品,品質 雙重把關




多種生鮮食品、零食餅乾、生活用品,用優惠價 格,給您有品質的好商品




純淨無添加及友善環境低 負擔的原物料,讓地球也 安心

Production Process

Selection of high-quality and popular products

To improve the quality of our products, we have conducted lots of market research and price analysis.

Factories that meet applicable standards

Strict inspection is conducted to ensure the production process at the factories is safe and sanitized. The factories must meet the requirements of laws and Carrefour regulations.

Rigorous inspection and control of products

To ensure the high quality of products, we keep control over all products and factories, and we check whether product additives are in conformity with applicable standards.

HACCP system for food control

To ensure food safety, we analyze the production processes of all foods and monitor critical control points.

Test ingredients and develop flavors

Inspired by the spirit demonstrated by Shennong in tasting hundreds of herbs, we conduct internal tests and adjust ingredients accordingly. Finally, the products must pass group inspection before formally hitting the shelves.

Clear description of product composition

The composition of a product is labelled in detail so that you can feel at ease when buying the product.

Products are offered at discount prices

Taking into account the costs of production, we offer safe and quality products at discount prices.

Continuous Quality Control

Sampling inspection of products is carried out more than 1000 times every year

To ensure stable product quality, we regularly conduct sampling inspection on all products.

Periodical review of products

All products on the shelf are subject to periodical review to determine whether they satisfy the current market demands.

Periodical factory audits

Third-party certification bodies are commissioned to conduct evaluation of the factories to ensure their operations are in conformity with applicable standards.